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Warm & Clean

Warm & Clean 2023 


Delta Transport Services and Delta Environmental Services  

together are pleased to offer a Bundle Discount for Residential and Commercial customers.  

When customers establish and maintain Monthly Heating Oil Delivery Service and Monthly Refuse Service with us, there are added benefits described below. 

Service discounts available for Commercial and Residential customers:
– When a customer meets the requirements for Warm & Clean, they will receive 100% off the monthly dumpster rental charge and 15 cents off each gallon of fuel delivered.

  • To be eligible for the discount, customers must have active agreements that meet the Warm and Clean requirements.
  • The minimum service frequency is monthly.
  • On-Call oil delivery and dumpster service accounts are not eligible for this discount.
  • During the summer months of 01 June thru 30 August, Warm & Clean customers can request a reduced or a no service Fuel Delivery frequency and still retain their service discounts.
  • Warm & Clean customers must go back on the fuel delivery’s auto-fill program beginning on 01 September through 31 May to retain eligibility for the discount.

Senior* Citizen/ Military* Discount available for Residential customers ONLY:

  • Any fuel deliveries for which the customer meets the requirements—Senior Citizen or Military—will receive a total of 10 cents per gallon discount. (Senior and Military Discounts cannot be combined, or combined with the Warm & Clean Discount.)
  • Senior & Military eligible customers not participating in the Warm & Clean program are eligible for a 50% discount on dumpster rental if only receiving trash service through DES.
  • *Seniors 60 yrs. + or Military Service (Must show government-issued photo-ID for proof of age – Active or Veteran – Must show Military ID or DD214 at time of sign up)

Setting up a Fuel / Refuse Account:

To set up either, a Heating Oil Delivery Service or Refuse Service, please contact us via phone at (907) 895-5053 or via email at We will be glad to inform you of our services.

It is required that all new accounts be set up in person for verification of the account holder ID and card information.

You will need to provide a valid credit card along with a government-issued photo-ID, both having the account holders name. A photocopy will be maintained securely on file. Veterans requesting an additional discount will also need to provide proof of service (Military I.D., Veteran Affairs I.D. or DD 214).

Your credit card will be securely stored on file for future deliveries, and will be charged after delivery has been made.


(Warm – Service Provided by Delta Transport Services)

Fuel delivery hours are weekdays, 7AM – 4PM. Off schedule and holiday deliveries can be requested, are subject to driver availability, and will incur an extra $300.00 delivery charge if performed.

We provide Heating Oil #1 and ULSD Off-Road fuel.

Current fuel prices will be posted at the Delta Petro Wash store or you can call us at (907) 895-5053 to inquire.


(Clean – Service Provided by Delta Environmental Services)

We have various size dumpsters and services to choose from.

Trash service hours are weekdays, 7AM – 4PM. Off schedule and holiday services can be requested, are subject to driver availability, and will incur an extra $150.00 /hr. charge if performed.